Mayo Clinic Laboratories: Advanced laboratory testing and operations


Receiving upwards of 40,000 specimens daily, Mayo Clinic Laboratories is a bustling hive of activity with a singular focus: accurately processing every test as efficiently as possible. From areas such as Transportation and Global Logistics to Specimen Distribution, each highly trained staff member involved knows the important role they play in delivering samples where they need to go. No matter if the test is for a Mayo Clinic patient or a Mayo Clinic BioPharma Diagnostics client, the same exacting care is given to every single specimen.

“You feel this overall sense of positivity in the group,” says Angela Reese-Davis, Mayo Clinic Laboratories senior manager of operations. “Everybody’s doing what they need to do to get the job done.

The 60-plus CAP- and CLIA-certified labs that comprise Mayo Clinic Laboratories are equipped with the most advanced testing machinery and automation systems to keep pace with testing volumes.

“Automation in specimen distribution is basically the tool we use to sort the majority of our samples. It sorts thousands and thousands of samples per hour, and it sorts it to the location of our laboratory,” Reese-Davis says.

While automation and innovation keep test specimens running smoothly, the heart of Mayo Clinic Laboratories is the team of employees behind the technology.

“Our team is extremely diverse and talented, and really performing at a high level,” Reese-Davis says. “The sample is in good hands with the team out here because people care.”

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Samantha Rossi (@srossi3)

Samantha Rossi