Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to set up my project?

Project setup is typically completed in two to six months based on the complexity of the project. The following steps are required for setting up a project. The time frames in business days are estimated and can vary. Additionally, individual line items overlap in most cases.

1. Pre-Contract: Feasibility and Budget

  • Inquiry received and data gathered (5 days)
  • Non-disclosure agreement executed, if applicable (14 days)
  • Feasibility confirmed and Mayo team identified (14 days)
  • Project logistics and budget estimates gathered (14 days)
  • Bid negotiated and approved (5 days)

2. Contract

Contract created and negotiated
(Up to 5 business days for draft contract; 2 to 4 weeks for each round of redline responses)

3. Post-Contract: Creation of Internal Operations

  • Project handed off to execution team (Up to 10 days from contract execution)
  • Project setup and implementation completed (1 to 4 weeks)
  • IRB review and approval complete (4 to 6 weeks from time of submission)
  • Project details finalized and project opened for activity (1 to 4 weeks)

4. Project Execution: Project Started

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