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Getting Started

How can I get my samples tested?

A sample testing project begins with the following steps:

  • BioPharma Diagnostics creates a pricing bid and sends it to you for your review.
  • Your study team approves the pricing bid.
  • We provide you with a customized Laboratory Service Agreement that outlines the responsibilities or obligations of each party and includes the legal requirements.
  • The legal teams review the contract.
  • We set up your project-specific research account. Account setup typically takes two to four business days.
  • After the contract is signed and the account is set up, you can send your samples to us for testing.

How can I obtain a pricing bid for sample testing?

To request a pricing bid, you will need to provide the following information:

  • If possible, provide the Mayo Test ID as found in our Test Catalog.
  • Number of samples to be tested for each Test ID.
  • Expected timeline for submitting samples for each Test ID.
  • If samples are currently in storage, provide the following information:
    • Type of specimen
    • Age of oldest specimen to be tested
    • Temperature at which specimens have been stored
    • Type of tube
    • Indicate whether samples have undergone any freeze-thaw cycles
  • Name of institution or company that will be contracting with Mayo if a contract is signed.

Does BioPharma Diagnostics return residual samples after testing?

Residual samples are not routinely returned. However, you can discuss exception requests with your project manager.

Does BioPharma Diagnostics review my protocol to advise me on the appropriate tests to order?

To determine the appropriate testing, you can compare your protocol requirements and project specifications with our tests as described in our Test Catalog. If you have questions about specific tests, you can provide the Mayo Test ID to your project manager, who will gather additional information from the testing lab.