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Ordering and Results

How do I order testing? How will I get results?

You can order tests through the MayoLINK online ordering system. When orders are placed in MayoLINK, results are delivered through the MayoLINK system and can be downloaded as PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, TXT, or CSV files. You will be notified by email when results are available. All paperwork needed for accessioning your sample is provided through MayoLINK. A requisition form and label with the required information for sample intake and testing can be printed.

Alternatively, you can order tests manually. Specimens can be submitted with completed requisition forms or manifests. Samples are manually accessioned at our facility. Results are returned via facsimile (Fax).

Note: Result reports will contain specimen information as provided when orders are placed. Data management services are not provided by BioPharma Diagnostics.

Can I get electronic data transfers? What formats does BioPharma Diagnostics support?

Electronic data transfer is not currently supported. If orders are placed through the MayoLINK ordering system, test results can be viewed online or downloaded. For manually-placed orders, results are transmitted via facsimile (Fax).

Can BioPharma Diagnostics flag the reports for my inclusion and exclusion criteria? If my reference ranges are unique, can my reference ranges be specified in the reports?

Customized flagging and reference ranges are not currently supported.

Can my testing be expedited?

BioPharma Diagnostics treats all samples with equal importance and is unable to expedite specific samples. Upon receipt, all samples are accessioned and sent to the lab. If exceptions are identified at accessioning, you will be notified as soon as possible for resolution. Exceptions might include missing information, information discrepancies, or sample problems such as empty tubes. All exceptions must be resolved before samples can be forwarded to the lab.

Can I get a real-time list of the samples that BioPharma Diagnostics receives?

Shipment deliveries can be tracked by using your courier tracking number. If orders are placed through the MayoLINK ordering system, you can track individual specimens from receipt through testing and resulting within the MayoLINK system. For manually-placed orders, specimen tracking is not available.  Separate sample receipt reports are not supported.

Will BioPharma Diagnostics complete and return a data transfer specification?

The Laboratory Services Agreement details how results will be provided. We do not use data transfer agreements or specifications, because we do not provide data management services typically associated with clinical trials.

Authorized users can access test data and download results through the MayoLINK ordering system, when MayoLINK is used for test ordering.

Does BioPharma Diagnostics guarantee the published turnaround time (TAT) that is described in the Test Catalog?

We adhere to the published TAT whenever possible. However, sometimes extenuating circumstances, such as equipment malfunctions or other issues beyond our control can result in a TAT that is longer than expected. In these situations, you will be contacted as soon as possible.