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Preparing Specimens

How should I label my specimens? Does BioPharma Diagnostics require patient name, gender, and birthdate? What should I specify for these fields when I am unable to provide this information?

The specimen label must include two identifiers that exactly match what is ordered in MayoLINK, or what is displayed on your requisition or shipping manifest. You can use your subject ID as one of the identifiers and a sample number as the other identifier. BioPharma Diagnostics staff will work with you on matching the identifiers and completing the required fields. In many cases, de-identified data can be used in place of PHI.

What address should I send the samples to?

The shipping address and contact information will be provided to you after the contract is finalized.

Can I send plasma such as serum or EDTA instead of the requested specimen?

With approval from the performing lab director and supervisor, substituted specimen types can be accepted.

Can I use my clinical account to send in samples?

Clinical accounts are used only for clinical diagnostic testing. A separate research account is recommended for sending in research samples. After the laboratory director approves your testing to ensure that it meets stability, labeling, processing, and billing specifications, the research account is created.

Does BioPharma Diagnostics approve out-of-stability testing?

Sample stability is discussed at the beginning of each project. Samples that are outside of the published stability parameters must be approved by the laboratory director before they can be accepted for testing.