Biopharma Diagnositics Laboratory

From startups to biopharma and in vitro diagnostic companies, our flexible lab space provides resources needed for assay development, instrument or assay kit validation projects, remnant sample acquisition, and co-development opportunities. This space was designed to allow for quick reconfiguration to meet each project’s needs. The lab is staffed by highly trained assay development scientists and laboratory personnel.


Our facility comes equipped with all basic lab necessities and general equipment. It also includes:

  • Support such as compressed air, vacuum, DI water, gases, floor drains, electrical, and internet connectivity.
  • Temperature-monitored fridges, -20 freezers, and -80 freezers.
  • General laboratory equipment.
  • Access to a loading dock and path to deliver equipment, including large floor models.
  • Two rooms for dedicated molecular platforms and testing.
  • Laboratory safety equipment.
  • Provisions for project confidentiality.


The lab space is ideal for companies looking for additional space to house research and investigational in vitro diagnostic development activities, including:

  • Assay development for clinical trials.
  • Instrument or assay kit validation for a wide range of technologies including molecular, immunoassays, and mass spectrometry.
  • End-to-end biomarker solutions from discovery to commercialization.
  • Access to biospecimens and remnant sample acquisition.
  • Co-development opportunities.

We also provide resources to consult on budget, bid process, contracting, and project execution.


Our lab adheres to CAP and CLIA quality standards and systems. Laboratory personnel are trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP).


The lab is staffed by a laboratory director, a laboratory manager, technologists, and assay developers who adhere to the quality standards and procedures of Mayo Clinic. The lab staff perform analytical validation for in vitro diagnostic projects, support assay development for clinical trials, and more.

Contact us to learn more about our in vitro diagnostic solutions portfolio and how we can assist with your diagnostic development needs.