dedicated testing support for pharma companies and clinical researchers

We believe the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research partners can improve global health through innovative drug discovery and development — and that you deserve the best reference lab partner at your side. Mayo Clinic BioPharma Diagnostics facilitates collaboration between pharma, CROs, and our Mayo Clinic physicians, scientists, and researchers, allowing us to break down barriers to success together.

Through expert project management and unrivalled experience, we provide comprehensive research support, development, testing, and administrative oversight at every stage of the research and development process, supported by more than 160 laboratory medicine and pathology physicians and scientists.

End-to-end support

Availability of large testing menu

Powered by Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ expansive testing menu and labs, Mayo Clinic BioPharma Diagnostics helps researchers working in the pharmaceutical segment make critical advances in precision drug development and delivery.

Access to expertise and experience

We offer a direct conduit to Mayo Clinic physicians, scientists, and researchers who have access to large patient populations and vast esoteric data sets. This makes us uniquely qualified to provide testing for both common and rare diseases, helping launch efficient and effective high-performing clinical trials.

The highest quality standards

We have the expertise to fully analyze test results and the regulatory knowledge to ensure that the testing meets quality and reliability standards. Our programs exceed the testing proficiency and standardization that auditors require (CAP and CLIA).

Connection to support

Access to strategic and tactical support is critical to your work. We provide timely, customer-specific support. Pharma companies and CROs that work with us benefit from long-lasting relationships and small, dedicated teams that work side-by-side toward your goals.

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